Why Choose a Metal Roof?

So you’ve seen a commercial or a neighbor’s new roof and now you’re wondering — should I get a metal roof?

aerial view of home with new metal roof

Metal roofs typically cost 25% more than a architectural shingle roof, but the long-term benefits make it a worthwhile investment. Here are a few reasons metal roofs are a great option for your home or business:

Metal Roofs Add Design Appeal

Metal roofs are available in 23 colors making it easy to match the exterior color scheme of your home and stay within any neighborhood covenants. The clean lines are pleasing to the eye adding value by increasing curb appeal

Toughest Roofing Material

Durable and long-lasting — metal roofs don’t crack, warp, curl, split, flake, break, or bur. Metal is also be best roofing material choice for wind, fire and hail resistance.

Metal Roofs Have Many Financial Benefits

Warranties are important when you talking about the material protecting your home or business, and metal roofs offer outstanding warranties — up to 40 years! Not to mention there is very little maintenance needed over the life of a metal roof, and Strength offers a lifetime workmanship warranty.

Metal roofs reflect heat better which saves energy and lowers your energy costs. Often, they also reduce the cost of your homeowners insurance up to 35%

At 1/3 the weight of asphalt shingles, metal roofs put less stress on your structure and can be installed over an existing shingle roof.

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